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Frequently Ask Questions

Do You do overnight stays in my home?

Yes, a pet sitter will stay with your pet, usually starting in the early evening hours until morning.​

How far in advance do I need to schedule dog walks?

If you know the days you will need walks, please let us know in advance. However, we understand that things come up and you may need a walk last minute, and we can cover that, too.

It is best if you can give us at least 48 hours notice so we can coordinate with your walker and get you set up.

We can sometimes accommodate same-day requests, but it is best to schedule in advance. This is especially the case during our busiest times (holidays & weekends) we may run short on availability.

What is your inclement weather policy

​On days that are very hot or very cold, we will shorten walks as needed. The remainder of time is spent doing indoor playtime. ​

What happens at the Meet & Greet Consultations

We take a look at everything we will be responsible for. We go through a checklist that includes items such as:

  • Food & Water dish location
  • Extra food location
  • Meal prep instructions
  • Medical concerns & Medication instructions
  • Favorite toys
  • Where to put scooped litter / poop bags
  • Plant watering instructions
  • Mailbox instructions
  • Going over your pet’s usual routine
  • Any other details concerning your visits
  • We also have you complete a few forms for emergency contact info, vets office and contract agreement.